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Maine Schoolsite Health Promotion (Wellness) Conference

The application due date for the Maine Schoolsite Health Promotion Program (Wellness) Conference has been extended to Thursday May 9, 2013.  The late fee has been reduced, so instead of $220 it is only $205 per participant.  This conference is a fabulous professional development opportunity that is the foundation for a year-long schoolsite health promotion program for school staff, students and communities.


Application Process Open; Due date Thursday, May 9, 2013 - Extended

Monday, June 24 – Wednesday, June 26, 2013

This conference is a fabulous professional development opportunity that is the foundation for a year-long schoolsite health promotion and wellness program for school staff, students and communities.  For a conference application and scholarship information scroll to the bottom of this page.  If you have any questions please contact .

The Maine Department of Education is pleased to host top notch, high energy, motivational and educational keynote speakers for this year’s conference…

  • Kenya Masala is a dose of invigoration and vitality!  He is a national team development consultant and educator with 20 years in human development and is co-founder of Source Consulting Group.  His resume includes recording artist, author, certified teacher, curriculum specialist, outdoor adventure experiences guide and percussionist.  Kenya will bring to the conference a unique blend of innovative, cutting edge information on health promotion, strengthening workplace and community interactions, utilizing powerful kinesthetic experiences.  He knows skills and tools that promote unity, alignment, depth and winning energy in people are the tools necessary for successful teams.  Through simulation based and experiential facilitation, participants will experience a program that generates the energy of rhythm through working together.  Kenya will inspire all!
  • Gabriela Masala, M.A., co-founder of Source Consulting, is an energetic and creative, facilitator and team development consultant.  She is a visionary change agent with a holistic, compassionate and evolutionary approach.  She developed Ubuntu in the Workplace™, a foundation for shifting systems and cultures by mapping interconnection.  Gabriela will engage the audience in a learning process designed to increase an effectiveness, health and success in the workplace.  Participants will gain insight into new ways to tap group intelligence, increase creative expression and elevate team performance.  Gabriela is a musical artist; author; lover of life, art, nature, and humanity; and a long time student and facilitator of several schools of Yoga, and dance.
  • Carrie Stack, M.Ed. is a Certified Life Coach, author and motivational speaker from Salem, MA with over 20 years of experience providing people with skills and tools to make positive changes in their lives. She is the founder of the Say Yes Institute (SYI); a company focused on building emotional intelligence skills through training and coaching.  In her presentations, Carrie shares her “people skills” strategies to build more positive and powerful relationships, both at home and at work.  She draws upon a range of experiences, from the classroom to the conference room, as she has been a teacher, counselor, trainer and program director.  Carrie has worked with children, teens and families dealing with many challenges in life and has had privilege of witnessing people of all ages grow and evolve in ways that both inspire and awe.

In addition, 28 workshop and roundtable sessions will be delivered by top quality presenters including fellow SAU conference participants, Maine resources and our keynote speakers; a multitude of engaging and educational exhibits and health promoting venues will be available; and access to a variety of wellness opportunities!

The Maine Schoolsite Health Promotion Conference Planning Committee invites you to apply to attend the 28th Annual Maine Schoolsite Health Promotion Conference.  This is an exciting, educational experience open to all schools!  The statewide conference provides a successful model for establishing and maintaining staff health promotion/wellness programs in Maine schools. 

In order to design a high quality conference that runs smoothly from start to finish and benefits all teams, guidelines for attendance have been instituted.  Teams are required to submit a Complete Application Packet postmarked no later than Thursday, May 9, 2013.  Incomplete packets will be returned immediately for completion and must be resubmitted by the due date. Be sure to review the provided checklist to ensure that your packet is complete. We want to guarantee that all applications are ready for review in a timely manner.  Schools that submit applications after the due date will be placed on a wait list and the costs will increase.

In 1986, the first Maine Schoolsite Wellness Conference was held.  It was designed with a team philosophy that has proven to be a vital component of the program over the years.  The team approach is essential for a successful yearlong health promotion program.  A team is made up of a minimum of five to a maximum of ten members representing different positions within a school community.  In an effort to ensure that schools have a full team (5-10) in attendance for the entire conference we suggest securing 2 alternate conference participants.  The alternates should be individuals that are available to attend the conference and are willing to substitute for a team member who may experience a last minute, unforeseen emergency.

An administrator is a valuable asset for a wellness team and often maintains the sustainability of the team and effectiveness of the Schoolsite Health Promotion Program.  Past experience has proven that administrative support is critical for the successful implementation of the yearlong action plan.  Letters of support are required as part of the application packet: one from the superintendent (Attachment A) and a letter from another administrator, if an administrator is not able to attend the conference as part of the conference team (Attachment B).  The superintendent letter needs to illustrate the support that will be given to the school’s wellness program and the team’s implementation of their action plan.  The second administrative letter of support should clearly state the role and responsibilities the administrator will provide as the liaison between the school wellness team and the school administrative team. 

Attachment C should outline 3-4 major accomplishments of the 2012-13 health promotion program or, if submitting an application from a team representing a school or SAU for the first time, expected outcomes as a result of attending the conference and implementing the action plan.

Attachment D: This year, scholarships are available from the Maine Department of Education (MDOE), Schoolsite Health Promotion Program and Child Nutrition Services to support the conference registration fee.  The Child Nutrition Services has up to 5 scholarships for $195 per team to support one school food service staff personnel to attend the 2013 Wellness Conference.  The Schoolsite Health Promotion Program has up to 5 scholarships for $195 each for new teams or teams who have not attended for the past 2 years and who are struggling to meet the registration fee. To request an application, email

In preparation for the conference, a team leader or a designated team representative is required to attend the Spring Team Leaders’ Meeting to be held Wednesday, May 15, 2013 from 4:00 – 6:00 p.m. via a school-based video conferencing system.  New team leaders need to attend one of the regional, facilitated sites.  This year we would ask that if at all possible veteran leaders attend a facilitated site as well, or at least join with a geographically close SAU.  If this is not possible, veteran team leaders may choose the option to view the session at a non-facilitated site.  In order to access the meeting at a local, non-facilitated site, Susan Berry must be notified at least 3 days in advance.

We hope you will plan to attend this year’s conference to develop or enhance your school’s health promotion/wellness program for students and staff and be a part of 28 years of successful health promotion in Maine schools!

A Coordinated School Health Program (CSHP) is an effective system designed to connect health (physical, social and emotional) with educational (cognitive and intellectual) programs. This coordinated approach to school health improves kids' health and their capacity to learn through the support of families, communities and schools working together.

The quality of a CSHP is largely dependent on the commitment of school staff to the program's goals and concepts. By promoting healthy lifestyles and practices for school staff as well as students, this component supports staff as healthy role models for students, families and community members.